Hoi An Cooking Classes

COOKING CLASS (4 hour tour)

In a class of its own

Before our eyes are an array of condiment bowls. They are filled with various ingredients – some familiar, many exotic and colourful. Teaching Chef Mr Huy explains, one by one, how each of the vegetables and herbs are used to create everyday Vietnamese or ‘street food’ cuisine. But for us Westerners, this is nothing less than a gourmet experience for the palate, made all the more inspirational because we are learning the art of cooking it for ourselves.The Gourmet Corner cooking class has garnered a well-deserved reputation.

Available classes at i) 09.00 – 13.00 AND at ii) 14.00 - 18.00

• 9.00: Tour guide meets you at hotel lobby, and together on bikes with you to the countryside to visit Tra Que vegetable village where is very famous with herbs and non-fertilizer farms.
The guide will take you around the herb garden. Walk through the market gardens where local farmers work on their fields using traditional methods from 300 years ago. And continue on bikes to Hoi An market.

• 10.15: Hoi An market
Here you will have the opportunity to interact with the local sellers and learn about the ingredients you will use in the cooking lesson later. Make sure your camera is handy.

• 11h15: Return to the hotel.
• 11h30: Starting for cooking class

Learn the traditional ways of preparing and cooking Vietnamese food. The Chef will show you how to cook “Cao Lau” – Hoi An’s unique noodle, “Tam Huu” – “ Three friends” dish with Tra Que’s herbs, Traditional sweet & sour broth soup, and your choice of Main dish ( discuss with our Chef for the best of the day). After the lesson, enjoy what you have cooked.

• 13h – 13h30: Finish

Cost: (includes chef, lunch, bicycle, English speaking guide, village fee)

- Adult : US$30
- Children under 12 years: US$15